The Missing Piece in the World of Creation

SuperFan Social is the tool of the future. With the way current social media platforms are set up, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find your own spot in the oversaturated social world. Not being able to find your own spot means it’s even more difficult to convert your followers into consistent revenue. That’s where SuperFan Social comes in. No more worrying about having to pay to reach your followers with ads. No more fighting off the competition. No more wondering about the “algorithm”. Within each SFS-powered platform, brands and influencers can engage with and sell to their SuperFans any way they want at no extra expense.


Private Platform

Brand and influencers can host their own private ecosystem that is unique and customizable to their desired image. When a SuperFan is registered to an individual’s platform, SuperFans will only be able to access that same unique and private ecosystem. All eyes are on you.

Live Broadcast

Brands and influencers can directly engage with their SuperFans through large scale live streaming sessions, free or paid-for private groups, or 1:1 sessions. While other platforms like Instagram and Facebook have live streaming capability, ours surpasses the quality of those platforms as our secure encrypted-broadcasting sits on a network that has access to over 1600 carriers around the world.

Subscription-based Groups

SuperFan Social has the ability to create tier-based groups that can be public or private, free or paid-for. This gives brands and influencers additional spaces within the platform to host one-time events or recurring classes, with groups or individuals, and earn consistent revenue.

Personal E-commerce

Brands and influencers can sell directly to their fans without needing to pay to advertise their products, or face an oversaturated social sphere. SuperFans can shop directly on the platform, on the same page without needing to leave, thus increasing customer retention and potential revenue.

Unlockable Content + Unlimited Tips

SuperFans can get extra access to locked content, created by the brand or influencer via unlocking content with payment. This paid-for unlockable content can include individual posts, private groups, and private livestreams. SuperFans can also provide monetary tips directly to the influencer or brand.

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